Monday, February 02, 2009

Now Read This

ESHB 3096 Clibborn, McIntire (C 270 L 08)
Financing the State Route Number 520 Bridge Replacement
Project - Establishes certain requirements for the design of the
replacement to the State Route 520(SR 520) bridge. Allows the
Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to seek
approval from the Legislature for the collection of tolls on the existing
and replacement SR 520 Bridge following the submission of the
tolling implementation report required by the act. Requires the
WSDOT to work with the Federal Highways Administration to
determine the actions necessary to toll the Interstate 90 Floating
Bridge. Establishes the State Route 520 Tolling Implementation
Committee to evaluate a variety of issues related to the tolling of the
SR 520 Bridge. Allows for the deferral of sales and use tax related to
the construction of the facility until five years after the opening of the

SHB 3224 Loomis, Hunter, Sells (C 127 L 08)
Reviewing and Conducting Studies on Providing Commuter Rail
Services - Directs Sound Transit to work in conjunction with the
Puget Sound Regional Council to analyze, and report to the
Legislature on whether commuter rail service between Eastern
Snohomish County and Eastern King County can be a meaningful
component of the region's future transportation system.

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